employement law


We offer our clients specialized advisory and litigation services on a wide range of legal issues that arise in the workplace. Our goal is to resolve our clients’ problems through negotiation, if possible, and by an aggressive litigation where settlement is not possible.

Every employee deserves to have their employment law rights respected throughout all stages of the employment relationship. At Kibebo & Co. Advocates, our goal is to help you understand your legal rights for a variety of employment law issues, including wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, reasonable notice entitlements, severance, and just cause matters. Even if you have not made the decision yet to fully retain a employment lawyer, we can help simplify your problem, and give you the clear advice and direction you need in order to solve it.

Whether you are facing a job loss, workplace harassment and discrimination, or any other employment-related matter, you need the services of an experienced employment advocates to explain your rights and outline your options.

Our goal is to resolve matters through a tactful negotiation, if possible, and by decisive and resolute litigation when it is not.

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